Fossil Fuels

The Importance Of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are very important to us today. Without fossil fuels we wouldn't be able to do many of the things that we need to or enjoy doing everyday. We use fossil fuels all the time doing almost everything and almost everyhtng we use is made of fossil fuels. EVERYTHING we buy or get from a store is shipped, made with, and may require the use of fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels we wouldn't have cars, airplanes or even as much energy as we do today. Lots of our energy is produced using fossil fuels. Almost everything we use or need is supported by fossil fuels. We NEED fossil fuels as of today. Everything we use is supported by them and so if we don't find another method before they run out prices of EVERYTHING will skyrocket too high for anyone to live on todays income. The importance of fossil fuels is everything and anything that we use.

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We need fossil fuels.

Can you imagine what life would be like without the use of fossil fuels? Here is what they are used for and what we would need to live without.

 Fossil fuels are layers of plants and animals that died millions of years ago and have got compressed and buried deep into the earth. (like a pressure cooker) they form as coal and liquid hydrocarbons (oil, gas).   

Coal is one of the first fossil fuels known to us. It has been used for a heating source for hundreds of years. We have found many other uses as well  such as: powering steam driven locomotives(trains), and today is used in factories to help produce steel, concrete, paper, plastics and most importantly Electricity.

    Oil was said to be discovered by the native Americans. This oil was found seeping to the earth's surface and was used for medicinal purposes at first. The first successful oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania in the 1800s.  many uses are, the  lamp oil, lubricants, and would later be used to power automobiles, trains, planes and is still used to this day.
     Natural gas was discovered in the same way as oil. Seeping up through the earth's surface and  producing the same foul smell. This resource was used  for lighting, cooking and heating. Today it has globally become one of our main sources of heat.

    We need fossil fuels for our food, water, electricity, plastics, supplys, transportation, and even our food. Without fossil fuels we would need different methods to get these which would cost more spiking the cost of everything we buy and use, as of recently gas has spiked up to 1.40 a gallon because the lack of oil left in the earth.

Gas Price Chart (to 2009)

As you can see in the chart above the price of gas has been majorly jumping in price as it begins to run out and even today it continues to jump, today it is hovering at 1.30-1.45 a litre.

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