Fossil Fuels


Fossil Fuels

All about Fossil Fuels:
Fossil fuels are which are formed naturally and in a natural process by buried, dead organisms. Fossil fuels are used daily in everyones life across the world. Fossile fuels are made of many different types of organisms that consist of many different chemicals and so many different types of fossil fuels are produced based on the factors in the are that it is produced. Methane is highly involved with fossil fuels and is in many different types including: oil, natural gas and other types of gases. On average the burning of fossil fuels causes  around 21.3 billion tonnes of CO2 yearly. Fossil fuels are the main cause of GHGs (green house gases) and are not very enviromentally friendly in any way. On this site are many facts about fossil fuels and pictures to go along with them. This site is all about fossil fuels.
Milford Sound in New Zealand
Fossil fuels are natural resources that we get from the earth. These include: Oil, coal, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are used everyday everywhere. They are the most important non-renewable resource that we use. Our dependance on fossil fuels has led to major pollution and we don't have very many alternitives to it. Global warming caused by Global warming has been induced by our apetite for fossil fuels like gas for our cars and natural gas to heat our homes or even the amounts used to create our energy. We use too much and are running out.
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More About Fossil Fuels

    Fossil fuels are non-renewable and are collected by large companys so that they can produce other products such as gas, oil, and eletricity. Fossil fuels are just old plant and animal life that has been compressed and heated to create the liquid crude oil and other types of fossil fuels. It gets its name from "fossils" that have went throught a process and have been made into our most important resource. We don't use it just sometimes, we use fossil fuels all the time, everyday. And so the prices are always changing because of demand and supply, the demand stays high but now our crude oil is running out and as crude oil rises so does gas and everything else.

How Fossil Fuels Are Made:

    Crude oil is collected and is heated. Through a process called Fraction Distillation the different carbons separate which are the Gas and other parts of the oil. Then vapors condensate and are collected within the distillation chamber depdning on their boiling point and this can be easily used to collect the gas taht powers our cars and homes. This method is used to get many fossil fuels pure and is part of the cost which we pay at the pump. Without crude oil we cannot produce gas.

This slideshow shows some pictures of oil rigs and other types of fossil fuels.

Also here is a slide show about Green house Gases and how fossil fuels are tied into global warming.

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