Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels Are Overused



As you can see in the picture above and to the side, we overuse fossil fuels. We use them for everything that we can because they are cheap to use for the big companys and create a good income gain. Our use of fossil fuels is so high that it is causing green house gases and other pollutions to greively change the eco-systems of our earth. Everyday the the US, China, and Japan, ALONE consume 31,253,000 barrels of oil daily. Each barrel holds 45 gallons each so each day those 3 countrys alone is 1,406,385,000 gallons of oil a day!

Fossil fuels are going to run out because we use too many too quickly. We mass produce oil and use millions of barrels daily, at todays rate we only have 50 years of oil left but the estimate is 30years-40 years of oil are left. And thats just an estimate. Fossil Fuels are over produced.