Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels Pollute

Fossil Fuels Are The Biggest Pollution Sorce!

Fossil fuels give of CO2 and N2O which are major pollutants and bad GHG's(greenhouse gases) which lead to the greenhosue gas effect.

N2O or Nitrous oxide (known as laughing gas or sweet air) is caused by agricultural soil management, animal manure management, sewage treatment, mobile and stationary combustion of fossil fuel, adipic acid production, and nitric acid production.(These are only a few)

CO2 or Carbon dioxide is caused by burning of fossil fuels, industrail prosses and  product production, electricity generation, and transportation. It is casued by anything made of fossil fuels and is constantly being released into the air. These are the 2 biggest polluting compounds that are released by fossil fuels and the biggest greenhouse gas effect producers. Fossil Fuels create Greenhouse gases.

We Use Them Everywhere

 small coasta cities.    We use fossil fuels all the time, everyday. And so because they create a large amount of pollution considering even how much they give off GHGs (greenhouse gases) compared to other sources we over use them and create a small problem into a big problem as we use millions of barrels of oil a day and even more in plastics and natural gases and also coal for making energy. The more we use fossil fuels the more pollutents we let into the air and each amount of fossil fuels burnt almost gives off its own weight in pollutents.

These pollutents that we let out everyday is the same pollutents that  are causing polar bears habitats to warm up and cause glaicer to melt threatening their exsistence and rsiing the sea level high enough to swallow small coastal cities.